Without MythicalSouls Servers are Incomplete - Everyone. That is why 100 servers run MythicalSouls!

MythicalSouls is a very overpowered bot with a lot of commands including giveaway and music and the best of all -- ECONOMY

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Features of Bot
Without Good features bots are incomplete --
Music Features

This bot has an overpowered music system which has even filters.Music commands can be viewed by typing gg mhelp .

Economy features!

This Bot's Economy command will blow your mind. it has a lot of commands in the economy section!. everyday many updates are added to the bot!.It has recently got a heist command which is tottaly Sick!!


And Not only these it has also got giveaway commands The giveaways can be edited, deleted and started and created and ended and are able to rerolled.!

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